Julia Weckman

Ariola, 2014-2015


Ariola images are photographed in Finland mostly during the winter 2014 and 2015. The Ariola series started a longer period of working with the circle of life.

I wrote in 2014: The ending fall and winter is making all the plants and leaves kneel down on the ground. When the spring is getting near, they persistently get up again. It tells me about life and its power, the originality of the plants, and the order of the nature. I’m interested in the code that is in the plants and seeds. It makes the rebirth possible every time again and again. My feelings have been disconsolate, and I don’t know if I have this order of the nature inside me anymore, that makes me lift my head again after cold and indifferent surrounding. I don’t know if I will stay forever down on the ground, like the kneeling plants before the strike of coldness. Usually, I’m very sure of myself. Now I’m not that sure anymore.

I see the Ariola series as sketches, or studies and observations. Maybe as drawings before making the final artwork. Sometimes the sketches are more important than the final work.

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