Julia Weckman

Art in Progress (from Authentic), 2005


Art in Progress (from Authentic), 2005

In the early romanticism, in 17th century, the landscape painters were already amazed of the landscape. I can feel their paintings and thoughts near mine even the times have changed. A German landscape painter Caspar David Friedrich was showing the audience landscape and its divine power. In his paintings there was very often a human figure standing and wandering the opening landscape. In my series “Art in Progress” , I comment on Friedrichs paintings and the figure in them. My series has an origin of an authentic situation, where an artist photographer is trying to catch the opening scenery. In the sudden moment I could see a pastis of Friedrichs paintings, and also myself. I saw myself being a serious artist, showing the people the mighty power of landscape through my work. I felt laughing. When you bow to this direction, you show your ass to the other.

When you look at the pictures in the series “Art in Progress” you can think what have I been photographing. The amazing landscape? The bending and bowing female, which is there only to get attention to my otherwise boring landscapes? This is of course nowadays often used in media. The thought is free. For me the series is beautiful and amazing. It represents the experience of landscape, the amazement and yes, it also makes me laugh.

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