Julia Weckman

Circulum, 2016-


One of my latest series of photographs are called Circulum. The series is still ongoing. The size of the single works is 100x120cm, diptych is 100x250cm, Pigment print, Fotosec.

Circulum photographs colour scale bring me a sence of (finnish) national romantic aesthetics and old eastern culture. When I was a child I had a children’s book which was shaped like a glove, it was named in finnish “Ukrainalainen satu: Vaarin kinnas” (“Ukrainian fairy tale: Grandpa’s glove”). It made a very big impact on me then. Somehow the little bit pressured athmosphere of the story, the drawings and colors hit me effectively and was collected carefully in my mind. Immediately I had my Circulum -originals taken, I felt the old story and the strong feeling I had as a child. My Circulum images are not telling about the fairy tale, but are a part of a bigger collection of works which deal of the circle and the origins of life and the tolerance of nature. Maybe also about our death as humans.

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