Julia Weckman

Continuity & Sample -series, 2015


Continuity and Sample -series are individual works created in 2015. They both were presented in the exhibition Pillow Talk in Gallery Rantakasarmi in 2015.

Continuity is an installation (materials: table, chemistry supplies, notebook, pencil, water, seeds, time). Recently I have started to use more and more installations in my art. Some how it feels natural to me. I’m interested in creating worlds or chapter of stories in 3D and sometimes also combine it to (2D) photography. I feel with installations I can reach out more as an artist and maybe work more freely, without any restrictions.

Continuity is the table of possibly a last scientist, trying with very limited equipment to save our population and human life forms in the globe. This scientist is making tests with plant seeds, hoping to find the right ones which could feed us, and ensure the survival after the final strike in the end of the world. In the exhibitions the seeds are either growing or dying on the scientists table in real time.

Sample -series are more detailed, those precious seeds which might or might not save us. The circle shape of the photographs come from the shape of eternal circle and also the shape of a petri dish.

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