Julia Weckman

From Close to Far Away, 2017


Installation includes a photograph, an exhibition stand, texts from two different people and a glass plate on top of the paper sheets.

Installation From Close to Far Away is about different interpretations, perspectives, and departure. It is likely that we have many different realities. With these different realities, we can see that we are quite similar in the end. Our interpretations are affected by our own life experience, events, environment and circumstances. Most of us have a strong need to form a vision of things and stay firm in this position. It might be difficult to change your own opinions and perceptions, admit to being wrong or expand your understanding of the world. We are fed variety of truths and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right one to trust. However, humanity is often a permanent value. In the end it can and should be trusted.

On the different sides of large sea we experience very different things. In the artwork, two people tell about their own story about making a decision and leaving. The idea of ​​leaving can be frightening and impossible to another, and it is the only possible one to the other. We have to make solutions in life we do not want, or solutions that others do not want us to do. I focus on the crystallized moment of departure, when you realize that this is really my life, it is really happening to me. And that my life will inevitably change if I carry out my move.

In the installation, the viewer is provided with different perspectives on the photograph. A change of perspective by reading the different texts may change the image or the work in the viewer’s mind. In addition, the viewer’s perspective is included. They are all right and possible. The artwork is formed just in this moment. The viewer’s reaction, from the perspective that is being formed and its possible change.

By keeping open minds, we get an understanding of different realities and a full spectrum of opportunities. And that’s what life is. Full of opportunities.

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