Julia Weckman

Jackdaw Tree, 2012


Jackdaw Tree (Naakkapuu), 2012 is a work of 6 photographs. The work is about leaving. Maybe in the center of the idea is also the feeling of being abandoned, left alone. When the life is flying further by, and you are not invited or not able to participate. The jackdaws are sitting in the tree, and one by one they are leaving and finally they are all gone, and you as a spectator are left alone.  One of the worst moments in the years circle is the moment when the birds start their journey to the south. And we northern people are left alone in the dark and cold.

For me personally it’s sometimes important to know if the image is or is not manipulated or artificially built. My work Jackdaw Tree is a documentary diary of my life. Real event. It makes me feel even more sad and melancholy.

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