Julia Weckman

Pillow Talk
Gallery Rantakasarmi Helsinki, 2015


Pillow Talk, Gallery Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Group exhibition in May 2015

“I mirror my own personal emotions and life history through the landscape image. In the Pillow Talk -exhibition, I’m showing works, which are telling about the origins and the continuity of life. The ending fall and cold winter is making all the plants and leaves kneel down on the ground. And when the spring is getting near, they persistently get up again. It tells me about life, the origins of the plants, and the order of the nature. I’m interested in the code that is in the plants and seeds. It makes the rebirth possible every time again and again. But what if the rebirth doesn’t happen?

I can see my dystopic vision in an intimate, personal and mental level or more general and concrete, maybe urban or global level, but also on a planetary level. All those levels are essential and true to me.  The menacing image of global warming, melting of the arctic glaciers, over exploitation of natural resources, genetic manipulation of crop and plants, feeding the mankind at the expense of the environment, the growing pollution of industry and the forcing climate change are things that I think about in my everyday life. I have heard about a certain collective concern during the cold war, and collective environmental guilt today. We face the information 24 hours a day, we recognize what happens around us and get frustrated of the feeling of inadequacy.

The evening starts to darken – Pillow talk – when the lonely monologue starts with words or in dreams (or nightmares), I can feel the weight of our temporary existence and vulnerability on my skin. I truly believe, that in the end, we betray the expectations and finally destroy our planet with our greediness and indifference. But would there still be a small seed of a plant, the miraculous code stayed hidden somewhere, hidden safe from us and it could rebirth again?

And there would start an era, where ”we” wouldn’t even exist.”

The exhibition supported by:
Svenska Kulturfonden, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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