Julia Weckman

The Celebration of Finnish Photography on 2nd December

Artist Collective Kunst is making an installation Troll for Love in The Celebration of Finnish Photography, which will be held at the Aalto-Sali in Jyväskylä on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017.

The event is organized by photographers and curators Hanna-Kaisa & Marko Hämäläinen as the ending party of the 100 FINNISH PHOTOGRAPHERS – 100 DAYS – project. Finnish photographers from the fields of fine art, commercial, fashion, journalism, documentary and nature photography were introduced on website and screening in the windows of Äkkigalleria in Jyväskylä. From Artist Collective Kunst, two of us: Sirpa Päivinen and myself were exhibited in the project earlier this month.

Website of the event

The project: 100 finnish Photographers – 100 days